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She admits that she realizes the whole thing looked pretty "awful", but she believes she has learned to think before she screws, adding: "I do think sometimes people get morally superior without understanding situations.

And the situation I got into was not ideal, but it happened and if I could go back and be more responsible, I would…Well, I probably would be less naive about ignoring the fact that people care.

“For me it was about the search for higher consciousness.” Now a father of four, Getty confesses he does “fret about” his children befalling the same fate: “But I can’t control my kids,” he says of Cassius,16, Grace, 14, Violet, 12, and June, 8.

“They have their own journey and I’m doing my best to make them aware of the dangers, but also allow them to experience their own life.” As for raising his children with great wealth, Getty does admit to a sense of guilt attached to the fortune he’s been handed.

“At least five days a week we have supper together.

Sienna Miller’s steamy affair – and much of her body – has been exposed now that the barely clad actress has been spotted kissing married Balthazar Getty in a boat off the Amalfi coast.

He says he would try anything “just to elevate” himself.

“A lot of people do drugs and alcohol to self-medicate,” he adds.

I’ve been able to own that and feel good about it.” Around the time he turned 40, Getty decided it was “time to put fire under my ass” – he quit smoking cigarettes, took stock and stopped whining about being a multimillionaire and what others thought of him.They had their fourth child together 10 months ago. Reports suggested that his wife is prepared to take him back even though Mr Getty has just spent a few days in New York with Miss Miller after their holiday together on Italy's Amalfi coast in the Getty family's holiday home.“It’s no secret that my father and grandfather had major drug addiction problems, and addiction runs rampant in many families,” he says.“If you add wealth and celebrity on top of that, it can be lethal.” He found himself taking “too many” drugs, pushing the boundaries and repeating his mistakes.

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