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We scanned the stone using a laser as part of a wider survey in 2011, then used the 3D data to create this huge replica.It wasn’t possible to use a real sarsen stone as there are none of the size used at Stonehenge left anywhere, and most natural sarsen spreads are protected by law today.To give people an idea of how massive the Stonehenge stones actually are, there’s a replica sarsen stone behind the visitor centre in the outdoor gallery.

Some had evidence of furniture and of chalk cob walls.Flakes or long narrow blades of flint would be struck off – which could also be used as sharp cutting tools.The whole process of knapping probably took about 15 minutes.The guidebook regarded Stonehenge as one of the few ancient structures that survived the Old Testament flood.You can see it in the exhibition at the visitor centre, and has kindly been lent by Julian Richards.

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Three years later Chubb gave the monument to the nation, to be cared for by the then Ministry of Works.

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