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It all began with the creation of giant authorities known as Passenger Transport Executives whose purpose was to amalgamate and rationalise all the services in a given area under unified control.The creation of new, usually bland liveries by these slowly squeezed the individuality and character out of the erstwhile municipal fleets, and significant government subsidies led to a flood of new, less interesting and attractive vehicles suitable for one-man operation.I have tried to replicate as accurately as possible the actual fleet liveries (as I remember them anyway) in the title heading for each operator, but please bear in mind the limited number of colour choices that the computer offers...........................

These photos show clearly the costly elaborate gold lining out on the maroon main livery that was a policy of the corporation even on later modern additions to the fleet.Earlier deliveries such as above were conventional rear entrance open platform and later ones front entrance with doors.Unlike the Portsmouth example (above) this Brighton Weymann body (here shown on an AEC Regent III chassis) appears to have had the 'skirts' removed, or perhaps they were not specified from new.It is true that by this time the tide was turning and not many of them were escaping the need for some level of ratepayer subsidy but they still represented local value for money and a level of civic pride in many locations.They included trams still at Glasgow, Sheffield (not for long though) and of course Blackpool.

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PLEASE THEREFORE BE PATIENTAbout ten years later an earlier and almost identical delivery, No.248 of 1965 with subsequent modernisation of its destination display, is seen at work picking up passengers at the Dallington Green terminus about two miles from the town centre.

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