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Students are accepted to a college based on how highly they ranked the school and the single weighted score, which they may not even know before submitting their preferences.The convoluted and capricious ranking system may allot them a spot at their last-choice college.A month after my father’s visit to China, my cousin—who grew up in Beijing—came to Chicago to attend boarding school.Located in an affluent neighborhood on Lake Michigan, Lake Forest Academy has its own private woods, bike paths along a scenic river, and streets named Yale Lane and Harvard Avenue lined with mini-villas.Since 1978, economic reforms have led to China’s astronomical economic growth.China’s GDP increased from less than 0 billion in 1978 to ,227 billion in 2012.

In the 2014-2015 academic year, Chinese students’ tuition and fees alone injected .8 billion into the American economy.* * *By 2008, when my father returned to China for the first time, many of his friends in Beijing had grown quite wealthy. One friend even bought some land and sheep and moved to New Zealand to live out his bucolic fantasies.Many, however, now have the option of bypassing that system, with exceptional talent or a significant amount of money.Some apply to a foreign-language school where students can apply to universities abroad instead of taking the .Largely gone are the days of penny pinching and ramen eating.Instead, many Chinese international students are extravagant consumers in real estate, travel, entertainment, fashion, and other industries.

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