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It was a pinnacle of sorts.” He drove back to New Orleans from Los Angeles in August, two weeks before his girlfriend gave birth in their apartment. The exact circumstances regarding her departure are a bit unclear, though a posting on Castrinos’ Instagram page (via Jambase) suggests that she was fired shortly before the band kicked off their latest North American tour.When not on tour, he lives with his girlfriend and infant daughter in a Faubourg Marigny apartment.And so Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ performance on Wednesday,” Band leader Alex Ebert apparently responded to the news in a since-deleted Facebook post.

Barley a year later, Ebert, a Los Angeles native, moved to New Orleans.Released in May, “Here” was intended to solidify the Magnetic Zeros’ identity and sound, even if that meant not striving to write a follow-up to “Home,” the breakthrough hit from the band’s 2009 debut “Up From Below.” “Records are tough, because you always outgrow your albums, or at least I seem to. Just the way you sing and play and grow, you become different, or possibly better able to communicate what you were trying to communicate. That’s about the golden rule of, ‘If you want to be here, be here.If not, don’t.’ I’m not interested in keeping people collected through the lure of money. It’s about the love of what we’re doing.” Additional recordings from the Bogalusa sessions, as well as songs recorded in the band’s own studio in Ojai, Cal., will likely turn up the next Magnetic Zeros album, tentatively slated for release next spring.“We totally fell in love with that place,” Ebert said. “It’s never a good thing when you’re hanging out with people who don’t want to be there or have some kind of issue.“We weren’t in the best mind frame at that time to record a full album, but we did get some beautiful songs from it.” They include “All Wash Out” and “Fiya Wata,” two tracks on “Here,” the band’s second full-length CD. There’s been plenty of strife and heartache in the band in the past, and we don’t have any now.

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“It’s one of those places where, when I walk through it, part of my brain is like, ‘This is real, Alex.

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